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학술대회 Multi-Point Touch Input Method for Korean Text Entry
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신희숙, 이우훈, 이기혁, 조일연
Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) 2009, pp.3871-3876
08MC3800, u-컴퓨팅 공간 협업을 위한 Wearable Personal Companion 기술개발, 조일연
Multi-touch interfaces are becoming popular as a new input means for the various applications. In this paper, we suggest a new Korean text entry method using a multi-touch interface called MPT (Multi-Point Touch) input method. We conducted a text entry performance test comprising 4 sessions for 10 participants, and compared the result with an existing commercial SPT (Single-Point Touch) input method. The experimental results show that the entry speed of MPT was slower than that of SPT method in the initial session. However, the entry speed of MPT input method was improved more rapidly than the speed of SPT method as sessions were proceeded. We observed a statistically significant learning effect from the result of MPT method. Moreover, we found no significant difference between the task loads of SPT and MPT input methods.
KSP 제안 키워드
Input Methods, Learning effect, Multi-touch interfaces, Performance Test, Text entry method, Touch input, multi-point