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학술대회 Fuzzy Fingerprint Vault using Multiple Polynomials
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문대성, 최우용, 문기영, 정용화
International Symposium on Consumer Electronics (ISCE) 2009, pp.290-293
09MS3700, 프라이버시 보호형 바이오인식 시스템 개발, 문기영
Fuzzy fingerprint vault is a recently developed cryptographic construct based on the polynomial reconstruction problem to secure critical data with the fingerprint data. However, the previous researches are not applicable to the fingerprint having a few minutiae since they use a fixed degree of the polynomial without considering the number of fingerprint minutiae. To solve this problem, we use an adaptive degree of the polynomial considering the number of minutiae extracted from each user. Also, we apply multiple polynomials to avoid the possible degradation of the security of a simple solution(i.e., using a low-degree polynomial). Based on the experimental results, our method can make the possible attack difficult 2192 times more than using a low-degree polynomial as well as verify the users having a few minutiae. ©2009 IEEE.
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Critical Data, Fingerprint minutiae, Fixed degree, Fuzzy fingerprint vault, Polynomial reconstruction, Reconstruction problem