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학술지 A Business Model Analysis for the Convergence Services of Supply Chain
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임명환, 한현수, 송영화
International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management, v.6 no.1, pp.97-116
09IC1600, VMC 기술 개발, 오현서
In this paper, we explore the merging of supply chains between media and telecommunications as an example of business application of industry convergence. The goal of this study is to provide managerial insight into the various facets of convergence of supply chains so that companies can effectively exploit business opportunities presented by the accelerating process of digital convergence and related technological innovations. In this study, the focus is set on business models, rather than business strategies as such, since digital convergence is an emerging sector that deserves independent attention as a new business concept. We formulated a series of propositions, related to customer value, value network, and supply chain efficiency, using frameworks borrowed from the existing business model literature and value creation theories for Internet business. Managerial implications are discussed and applied to DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting), a new telecom-broadcasting convergence business model, recently introduced in South Korea. © 2009 World Scientific Publishing Company.
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Business concept, Business model analysis, Customer Value, Digital Convergence, Digital multimedia broadcasting, Scientific publishing, South Korea, Supply Chain Efficiency, Value Network, Value creation, business applications