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학술대회 통신 해양 기상 위성 Ka 통신 탑재체 개발 공동 및 용역 개발 참여 기관 제품 보증 연구
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정철오, 이성팔
항공우주시스템공학회 학술 대회 (춘계) 2009, pp.1-7
09MR1400, 통신해양기상위성 위성통신시스템기술개발, 이성팔
It is anticipated that quality assurance for the Ka band Communication Payload System(COPS) development program of the communication, Ocean & Meteorological Satellite(COMS) may be a core technical factor to be concerned in order to avoid any failure, and to assure its final performance during the mission lifetime in space. Those can be managed and verified and assessed by performing the Quality Assurance (QA) and risk management which helps to prevent and to reduce the critical fails. This paper introduces the Product Assurance (PA) system and procedures for controlling and monitoring sub-contractors which were participated in Ka band Communication Payload System (COPS) development. Also this paper shows Quality Assurance (QA) procedures and detailed their processes for assured the product performed by local companies from site survey for selecting companies to delivery of their equipment.
KSP 제안 키워드
During the mission, Risk Management, Site survey, Sub-contractors, ka-band, meteorological satellite, quality assurance