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학술지 Cassegrain Antenna With Hybrid Beam Steering Scheme for Mobile Satellite Communications
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정영배, A.V. Shishlov, 박성욱
IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, v.57 no.5, pp.1367-1372
08MR3200, 지능형 안테나 기술개발, 전순익
A hybrid antenna (HA) with a modified beam steering method is proposed. This antenna has a Cassegrain structure composed of two reflectors and a feeder. The parabolic-shaped main reflector is designed for high gain, while the subreflector is rotational and flat. The feeder is a phased array with arbitrary shaped aperture and 20 element antennas. The HA is capable of two-dimensional beam steering by means of two operations: rotation of the subreflector and phase control of the feed array. The subreflector is small in size and weight, so it can provide rapid beam scanning. Designed to be loaded in vehicles, the HA and can communicate with satellites on the move by tracking the beam control of the feed array. A prototype of the HA is fabricated with aluminum using a machining center operated by computerized numerical control. The prototype is operated at Ka-band for TX and K-band for RX with gains of 47 dBi and 44.4 dBi, respectively, at a steering angle of 0째. The two-dimensional beam steering within 짹 2째 with respect to 45째 elevation is realized by the subreflector and feed array. All radiation patterns in the beam steering zone meet ITU-R s.465-5 regulations. © 2009 IEEE.
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Cassegrain antenna, Computerized numerical control, Feed Array, Hybrid antenna, Hybrid beam, International telecommunications union radiocommunication(ITU-R), K-band, Machining center, Mobile satellite communication, Phase control, Radiation Pattern