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학술대회 Design and Analysis of Transmission Parameters for UVR System Based on IEEE802.16e (M-WiMAX)
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이윤주, 김지형, 이일신, 정제학
Advanced International Conference on Telecommunications (AICT) 2009, pp.289-292
This paper presents transmission parameters of Unmanned Vehicle Robot (UVR) systems based on IEEE802.16e (M-WiMAX) systems. UVR requires higher uplink multimedia data rate, which is different from commercial M-WiMAX system. This paper designes some parameters satisfying the UVR system requirements and demonstrates performance evaluation based on the parameters. For the transmission parameters, the number of DownLink (DL)/UpLink (UL) OFDM symbols are determined by 6, 30, respectively. For reliable transmission of control signals, DL modulation and coding rate is selected by QPSK, 1/2 coding rate and that of UL is chosen by 16QAM, 1/2 coding rate. Based on these parameters, computer simulations demonstrate the system performance of UVR system. © 2009 IEEE.
KSP 제안 키워드
Coding rate, Computer simulation(MC and MD), Control Signal, M-WiMAX, Multimedia data, Performance evaluation, System Requirements, System performance, Unmanned vehicle, WiMAX system, data rate