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학술대회 An Architectural Framework for Web Portal in Ubiquitous Pervasive Environment
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타키, 류재택, 유승와, 김기형, 주성순, 정운철
Conference on Communication Networks and Services Research (CNSR) 2009, pp.102-109
08MC3700, QoS 및 확장성지원(S-MoRe) 센서네트워크 고도화 기술개발 (표준화연계), 채종석
Web Portal functions as a single point of access to information on the World Wide Web (WWW). The web portal always contacts portal's gateway for the information flow that causes network traffic over the Internet. Moreover it provides real time/dynamic access to the stored information, but not access to the real time information. This inherit functionality of web portal limits its role for the resource constrained digital devices in Ubiquitous era (Uera). This paper presents a framework for the web portal in U-era. We have introduced the concept of Portal Locals in the proposed framework, so that the local queries could be solved locally rather than to route them over the Internet. Moreover our framework enables one-to-one device communication for the real time information flow. To provide the in-depth analysis, firstly we have evaluated our approach through mathematical analysis. At the end, we have deployed a test-bed and real time measurements are observed, which proves the efficacy and workability of the proposed framework. © 2009 IEEE.
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Access to Information(A2I), Architectural framework, Device Communication, Digital devices, In-depth analysis, Network Traffic, One-to-one, Pervasive Environment, Real-Time, Resource-constrained, Single point