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학술대회 Effects of Active Thickness in Oxide Semiconductor TFTs
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Society for Information Display (SID) International Symposium 2009, pp.1107-1109
The effects of active thickness on the characteristics of oxide TFTs were investigated for the case of ZnO TFT and IGZO TFT. As the decrease of active thickness, the Von (Turn-on Voltage of TFT) was shifted to near zero Volt and negative shift of Von as decrease of channel length was also diminished. The overall performance (including subthreshold swing and leakage currents) was improved with thinner active layer. This behavior could be explained under the consideration of unintentional n-type doping in active layer. But, for the constant-current stress, thinner active layer TFT showed less stable behavior.
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Active Layer, Channel Length, Constant current(CC), IGZO TFTs, Leakage current, Negative shift, Overall performance, Oxide TFTs, Oxide semiconductor, Turn-on voltage, current stress