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학술대회 Uplink Timing Synchronization for Ofdma based Mobile Satellite Communications
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김희욱, 강군석, 안도섭
IET and AIAA International Communications Satellite Systems Conference (ICSSC) 2009, pp.1-6
09MR4600, IMT-Advanced 위성접속 기술개발(표준화연계), 안도섭
One of the problems that faces OFDMA based mobile satellite system is generally timing synchronization between a satellite and users within the beam. In a terrestrial OFDMA system, propagation delays are relatively very small and the differential delays between users within a cell may be considered inconsequential. However, in a satellite OFDMA system, it is not negligible because round trip delay in GEO based system is 250 ms and the differential delays within a beam can be over 10 ms depending on a beam size. Therefore, in this paper, we propose uplink timing synchronization and uplink resource allocation methods for satellite OFDMA or SC-FDMA based communication considering very large differential delay between users within a beam, aiming at the reuse of terrestrial OFDMA based radio interface as a satellite radio interface. The proposed methods can bring latency reduction and throughput increase.
KSP 제안 키워드
Beam size, Differential delay, Mobile satellite communication, Propagation delay, Radio interface, Single carrier Frequency Division Multiple Access(SCFDMA), Uplink resource allocation, based system, latency reduction, mobile satellite system(MSS), resource allocation(RA)