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학술대회 OFDMA based Mobile Satellite Communication Applying Fractional Frequency Reuse Technique
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김희욱, 강군석, 안도섭
IET and AIAA International Communications Satellite Systems Conference (ICSSC) 2009, pp.1-6
As a next generation mobile satellite network, an integrated satellite and complementary ground component (CGC) network is recently considered in order to provide seamless, transparent and ubiquitous wireless coverage over the world. In this network, it is essential to reuse efficiently frequencies between satellite and CGC components under tolerable interference level. In this paper, we propose how OFDMA based multi-beam satellite system with reuse is implemented as well as how terrestrial part of the integrated system can reuse satellite frequencies in OFDMA based satellite component. Numerical results show intuitively that the proposed schemes bring spectral efficiency improvement.
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Fractional Frequency Reuse(FFR), Integrated system, Interference level, Mobile satellite communication, Multi-beam satellite, Numerical results, Satellite network, Spectral efficiency(SE), efficiency improvement, frequency reuse technique, satellite systems