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학술대회 ADL Monitoring System Using FSR Arrays and Optional 3-Axis Accelerometer
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김민호, 장재원, 송사광, 정호열, 박선희, 박수준
International Conference on Smart Homes and Health Telematics (ICOST) 2009 (LNCS 5597), v.5597, pp.217-224
09MC1700, 차세대 IT기반 기술사업화 기반조성, 장원익
This paper deals with Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Monitoring System. The proposed system takes into account deploying in real home. The important issue in deployment is the noninvasiveness. That is, the user should not feel inconvenience. Therefore, our system has been developed by making use of FSR sensors and an optional small body-activity sensor. In particular, FSR sensor is a typical noninvasive sensor since it has a shape of film. In order to make a light-weight monitoring system, we use as small number of sensors as possible. And we adopt rule-based ADL inferring algorithms to avoid inconvenience in collecting training data for supervised learning. For the purpose of improving the accuracy of occupation/usage detection, we make FSR sensors into FSR array sensors. We evaluate the proposed system in laboratory and real home environment. © 2009 Springer Berlin Heidelberg.
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3-axis accelerometer, Activities of Daily Living(ADLs), Activity sensor, Home environment, Monitoring system, Rule-based, Supervised Learning, array sensor, light-weight, training data