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학술대회 조선산업환경에서의 WiBro 기반 그룹통신 품질 평가
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김재명, 오문균
한국소프트웨어공학기술 합동 워크샵 2009, pp.134-137
09IS1200, IT 기반 선박용 토탈 솔루션 개발, 함호상
In the process of construction in the shipbuilding industry, the loading process requires intimate communication among workers and is very dangerous work. Wireless sets with poor voice quality or TRS with call connection delays are currently being used for the communication. An IP-based group communication system is proposed to replace the existing communication systems and measurements and quality evaluation of the new system are necessary. To obtain unified communication in the shipbuilding industry on the basis of a PoC (PIT over Cellular) service, the first service in the IP multimedia system, this article reviews the quality measurements and evaluation of group communication, based on an enterprise PoC service to overcome a very deteriorated NLOS resulting from the extensive presence of steel in the work environment, and to provide efficient communication services. To verify that this service was theoretically applicable in this environment, analysis was performed and the results revealed a turnaround time of 1 second or less so that workers would experience no delay in communication with the WiBro-based enterprise PoC service. © 2009 ACM.
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Communication services, Communication system, IP Multimedia Subsystem(IMS), IP-Based, Loading process, Multimedia systems, Quality Evaluation, Quality Measurement, Shipbuilding industry, Voice quality, efficient communication