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학술대회 Ontology based Knowledge Modeling for the Two-Step Personalized Services in Next Generation Networks
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문애경, 박유미, 최영일
International Conference on Software and Data Technologies (ICSOFT) 2009, pp.332-337
09MC3700, 네트워크 기반 수요자 지향 융합서비스 공통플랫폼 기술 개발, 이병선
We propose ontology based knowledge modeling (OKM) that can support to provide the two-step personalized services for the end users using network knowledge. The two-step personalization services are consisted of service recommendation step and contents recommendation step. To achieve this, in this paper, we classify network knowledge and build ontology to represent them including user profiles and user's preferences. Furthermore, we propose the efficient functions of learner and recommender. Learner makes the user service usage model which consists of {context, services} pairs. Recommender is consisted of service recommender and contents recommender for supporting two-step personalization.
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End-users, Knowledge modeling, Next generation networks(NGN), Personalized service, Service Recommendation, Two-Step, Usage Model, User Profile, User's Preference