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Conference Paper Ontology-Based Semantic Blog Model for Recommending Blog Resource to Interest Communities
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Kyung-Ah Yang, 허영화, 양재동, Choi Wan
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World Conference on Services 2009, pp.492-499
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09MS5100, Development of SaaS Platform for Software Service of Small and Medium Enterprises, Hur Sung Jin
This paper suggests an intelligent semantic blog model to systematically analyze and manage blogosphere with ontology. In the proposed model, system managers enable bloggers to easily find appropriate blog resources such as posts or other related bloggers. The resources are found by tracking and analyzing various relationships specified in the ontology. Relevant sets of bloggers usually termed interest communities may be recommended to each other, since the ontology is capable of interrelating them by dynamically monitoring interaction activities in the blogosphere. To develop our model, we first express the conceptual structure of the resources based on the ontology and then design a set of operators to interrelate them. System queries formulated by system managers are implemented by the combination of the operators. Finally, we introduce a rule embedding the system queries, which is dedicated to recommending appropriate blog resources to interest communities. © 2009 IEEE.
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Interaction activities, Proposed model