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학술지 Performance Analysis of Dual-Hop Cooperative Transmission with Best Relay Selection in Rayleigh Fading Channel
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Ahasanun Nessa, 이우용, 김용선, 곽경섭
한국통신학회논문지 A : 무선통신, v.34 no.7, pp.530-539
한국통신학회 (KICS)
Wireless Relaying is a promising solutions to overcome the channel impairments and provides high data ratecoverage that appear for beyond 3G mobile communications. In this paper we present end to end BERperformance of dual hop wireless communication systems equipped with multiple Decode and Forward relaysover Rayleigh fading channel with the best relay selection. We compare the BER performance of the best relaywith the BER performance of single relay. We select the best relay based on the end to end channel conditions.We further calculate the outage probability of the best relay. It is shown that the outage probability of the bestrelay is equivalent to the outage probability when all relays take part in the transmission. We apply OrthogonalSpace Time Block coding(OSTBC) at the source terminal. Numerical and simulation results are presented toverify our analysis.
KSP 제안 키워드
3G mobile, BER performance, Best relay selection, Block coding, Cooperative Transmission, Decode and forward, End to End(E2E), Outage probability(OP), Performance analysis, Rayleigh Fading Channel, Time block