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학술대회 A Development of a System Providing a Personalized Yellow Page Service Based on an Interactive Video Application Service
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허성진, 강성주, 최완
International Conference on New Trends in Information and Service Science (NISS) 2009, pp.1154-1157
09MS1400, SOA 기반 양방향 동영상 응용 서비스 기술 표준개발, 허성진
The business model of IPTV results from the process of conflict and convergence among various mature but different business models. No one in the IPTV value chain can solely control the whole profit chain. The basic principle of IPTV profit model is to satisfy the consumer's real requirement and to put a proper advertisement. This paper designs and implements a system providing a personalized yellow page service based on IPTV system to create an interesting partnership in the business directory market. The personalized yellow page service system enables server to provide a personalized yellow page service based on each enduser's profile. We firstly designed a system which provides the personal yellow page service based on interactive video application service. Secondly, we implemented it to demonstrate the possibility of being commercial product for T-commerce application on IPTV system. We also suggest a structure of meta data for our service. © 2009 IEEE.
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Business Model, Meta-data, Service System, T-Commerce, Value chain, application services, basic principle, interactive video, profit model, video applications