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학술지 Electrical, Structural and Optical Characterization of Copper Oxide thin Films as a Function of Post Annealing Temperature
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V. Figueiredo, E. Elangovan, G. Gonc¸alves, N. Franco, E. Alves, 박상희, R. Martins, E. Fortunato
Physica Status Solidi (A), v.206 no.9, pp.2143-2148
Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH
09MB2900, 투명전자 소자를 이용한 스마트 창, 조경익
Copper oxide thin films were obtained by annealing (temperature ranging between 100 and 450 °C) the metallic Cu films deposited on glass substrates by e-beam evaporation. XRD studies confirmed that the cubic Cu phase of the asdeposited films changes into single cubic Cu 2Ophase and single monoclinic CuO phase, depending on the annealing conditions. The crystallite size is varied betwee챰12 and 31 nm. The lattice parameters of cubic Cu and Cu 2Ophases are estimated t천3.60 and ??4.26 횇 , respectively. The films with Cu 2O phase showed p-type characteristics. The conductivity is decreased linearly with the decreasing temperature (1/T), which has confirmed the semiconductor nature of the deposited films. The calculated activation energy is varied between 0.10 and 0.16 eV. The surface microstructure is changed depending on the variation in the annealing temperature. The poor transmittance of the asdeposited films (<1%) is increased to a maximum of ??80% (800 nm) on annealing at 200 °C. The estimated direct allowed band gap is varied between 1.73 and 2.89 eV. © 2009 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.
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Activation Energy, Annealing conditions, Annealing temperature, Band gap, Co. KGaA, Copper oxide thin films, Crystallite size, Cu film, E-beam evaporation(EBE), Glass substrate, Lattice parameter