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학술지 Etching Characteristics of VO2 Thin Films Using Inductively Coupled Cl2/Ar Plasma
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한용현, A. Efremov, 민남기, 이현우, 윤선진, 권광호
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, v.48 no.8, pp.08HD041-08HD045
Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP), Institute of Physics (IOP)
08IB2600, 광캡쳐 구조 반사방지막 및 조성기울기를 갖는 Si/SiGe 박막 태양전지 기술 개발, 윤선진
A study on both etching characteristics and mechanism of VO2 thin films in the Cl2/Ar inductively coupled plasma was carried. The variable parameters were gas pressure (4-10 mTorr) and input power (400-700 W) at fixed bias power of 150W and initial mixture composition of 25% Cl 2 + 75% Ar. It was found that an increase in both gas pressure and input power results in increasing VO2 etch rate while the etch selectivity over photoresist keeps a near to constant values. Plasma diagnostics by Langmuir probes and zero-dimensional plasma model provided the data on plasma parameters, steady-state densities and fluxes of active species on the etched surface. The model-based analysis of the etch mechanism showed that, for the given ranges of operating conditions, the VO2 etch kinetics corresponds to the transitional regime of ion-assisted chemical reaction and is influenced by both neutral and ion fluxes with a higher sensitivity to the neutral flux. © 2009 The Japan Society of Applied Physics.
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Applied physics, Ar plasma, Cl 2, Etch mechanism, Etch rates, Etch selectivity, Etched surface, Etching characteristics, Gas Pressure, Higher sensitivity, Inductively-coupled plasma(ICP)