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학술대회 The Access Control Model in Ubiquitous Sensor Network Environment
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김말희, 방효찬, 황재각, 표철식
International Joint Conference on INC, IMS and IDC NCM (NCM) 2009, pp.739-744
09IC1300, RFID/USN 미들웨어 플렛폼 기술개발, 황재각
With the increasing need for intelligent environment monitoring applications and the decreasing cost of manufacturing sensor devices, it is likely that a wide variety of sensor networks will be deployed in the near future. In this environment, the way to access heterogeneous sensor networks and the way to integrate various sensor data are very important. The COSMOS is a kind of USN middleware that plays a central service platform part in USN service environment. The COSMOS provides its own services (sensor network abstraction query processing, etc) using multiple heterogeneous sensor networks to the various USN applications. Multiple applications share USN middleware services with other USN applications. Therefore, access control to COSMOS is very important for the applications which shares USN middleware services. This paper introduces the access control model which is implemented in COSMOS to control multiple applications' access to COSMOS. © 2009 IEEE.
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Environment monitoring, Heterogeneous Sensor Networks, Intelligent Environment, Monitoring applications, Multiple Applications, Query Processing, Sensor device, Service environment, access control model, cost of manufacturing, need for