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학술대회 Intra-Mixture Prediction Mode and Enhanced Most Probable Mode Estimation for Intra Coding in H.264/AVC
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이진호, 최진수, 홍진우, 최해철
International Joint Conference on INC, IMS and IDC NCM (NCM) 2009, pp.1619-1622
09MR4100, 차세대DTV핵심기술개발(표준화연계)-무안경개인형3D방송기술개발(계속), 김진웅
H.264/AVC supports various block sizes for intra prediction to reduce spatial redundancy such as 4x4, 8x8 (FRExt only) and 16x16, and the blocks are predicted from neighboring reconstructed pixels by using directional prediction modes. The directional prediction mode indices are coded by using a predictive coding method, in which the most probable mode (MPM) is derived from neighboring macroblocks (MB). In this paper, we present intra-mixture prediction (IMP) mode for intra prediction and an enhanced estimation method for most probable mode (MPM). IMP mode supports more flexibility in intra prediction by mixing 4x4 blocks and 8x8 blocks in one macroblock, while the enhanced MPM estimation extends the number of referenced neighboring blocks and efficiently uses their prediction modes depending on their positions. Simulation results show that the combination of both proposed methods increases the BD-bitrate by up to -4.16% compared to H.264/AVC. © 2009 IEEE.
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Coding method, Estimation method, Intra Coding, Intra prediction, Most Probable Mode, Prediction mode, Predictive Coding, Spatial redundancy, directional prediction, mode estimation, simulation results