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학술대회 Application Services based on Location Information in the SIP Phone
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허미영, 이일진, 강신각
International Conference on Convergence and Hybrid Information Technology (ICHIT) 2009, pp.181-184
Application service based on location information, 1588 representative number service such as flower delivery service, pizza delivery service and emergency call service such as 112, 113, 119, is a nationwide one. If internet phone subscriber calls to representative number, that call is transferred to the shortest service center based on the present location information of subscriber and service is supported to the caller. We describe the mechanism that SIP phone, mounted basic SIP protocol and presence protocol, can provide various application services based on location information. In order to support application service based on location information, we describe the system components of VoIP service provider and message flows among system components. © 2009 ACM.
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Delivery service, Location information(GPS), SIP protocol, Service Provider, VoIP service, application services, emergency calls, system components