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학술대회 Design for Supporting the Multimedia Emergency VoIP Using PSTN and IP Network
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정옥조, 이일진, 강신각
International Conference on Convergence and Hybrid Information Technology (ICHIT) 2009, pp.248-251
09ME2300, MoIP 서비스 기반구조 및 응용 표준개발, 강신각
Internet is rapidly increased, and various services are deployed over internet. It is an important issue to support emergency service in VoIP, because many users want to use the emergency service similar to the service in PSTN network. VoIP terminals which can create audio, video, and image data are able to send multimedia data to emergency agent. But the current VoIP service cannot provide multimedia data to emergency agent, because emergency calls have to flow through PSTN network. If emergency agent has got some video as well as audio data for emergency call, it will be very helpful to rescue somebody in danger. In this paper, we will consider new network model to provide multimedia data to PSAP in emergency call. © 2009 ACM.
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Audio data, IP networks, Image data, Multimedia data, Network model, VoIP service, emergency calls, emergency services, flow-through