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학술대회 Protecting IPTV Service Network against Malicious Rendezvous Point
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권혁찬, 문용혁, 나재훈, 서동일
Information Security Applications (WISA) 2009 (LNCS 5932), v.5932, pp.1-9
09MR3700, 유무선 환경의 개방형 IPTV(IPTV 2.0) 기술개발, 황승구
In this paper, we present security mechanism to protect IPTV service network from malicious Rendezvous Point. The IPTV service network considered in this paper is overlay network that is constructed in application layer. The overlay-based IPTV service network has several advantages such as cost-effectiveness, dynamicity and scalability. However, there are several security threats against overlay network such as malicious rendezvous point attack, routing interference attack, DoS(Denial of Service) attack and so on. In this paper we analyze the security threats of overlay-based IPTV service network, and we present the brief security guidelines against it. And we present detailed security mechanisms to protect IPTV service network from malicious Rendezvous Point. For this, we design the security mechanism to guarantee trust of rendezvous point and distribute security keys such as self-generated public key of each node and group key of rendezvous point safely manner. This approach is very simple, lightweight and implementation friendly. © 2009 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.
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Cost-effectiveness, Group key, Public Key, Rendezvous point, Security keys, Service network, application layer, denial of service(DoS), each node, overlay network, security guidelines