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Journal Article Reception Power Estimation Using Transmitter Identification Signal for Single Frequency Network
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Sung Ik Park, Heung Mook Kim, 오왕록
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IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, v.55 no.3, pp.652-655
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09MR5600, Development of transmission efficiency enhancement technology for terrestrial DTV system, Heung Mook Kim
In a single frequency network (SFN) based on the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) terrestrial digital television (DTV) system, receivers inevitably suffer from the interference generated by using the same frequency among multiple transmitters or repeaters. The amount of the interference can be handled by adjusting transmit power and time of each transmitter and repeater. Hence, it is crucial to estimate the individual reception power from each transmitter or repeater at the given point of interest. This paper presents an efficient method to estimate the individual reception power from each transmitter or repeater. The field test results are provided to evaluate the proposed method. The proposed method exploits the transmitter identification (TxID) signals which are embedded in existing 8-VSB signals. © 2006 IEEE.
KSP Keywords
Advanced television systems committee(ATSC), Field Test, Point of interest, Transmit power, Transmitter Identification, digital television(DTV), multiple transmitters, power estimation, single frequency network(SFN)