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Conference Paper A Design of Network Simulation Environment using SSFNet
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Yoon Sunghyun, Young-Boo Kim
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International Conference on Advances in System Simulation (SIMUL) 2009, pp.73-78
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09MR5400, BcN Network Engineering, Young-Boo Kim
Network simulation tool is needed to verify the functionalities and performance of networks. The SSFNet (Scalable Simulation Framework Network Models) is a network simulation tool using open source software with various network simulation applications. It has been designed for the expansion of network including topology, protocols, traffic, and etc, and is able to support simulation for the large-scale network like Internet. However it is not easy for general users to perform network simulation using SSFNet because the SSFNet does not provide users with any supplementary tools for designing of network elements and topology, and analyzing of simulation results. The network modeling and analysis process must be done manually by users themselves. This circumstance makes it difficult to perform reliable network simulation. In this paper, we design a network simulation environment available for SSFNet. Using this environment, users can build network simulation model effectually and analyze the simulation results without difficulty. © 2009 IEEE.
KSP Keywords
Analysis Process, Large-scale network, Open Source Software, Scalable simulation, Simulation Environment, Simulation Model, Simulation framework, network elements, network modeling and analysis, network simulation, simulation applications