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학술대회 Sum-Rate Capacity with Fairness in Correlated MIMO Broadcast Channels
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이승환, 김진업
Journal of the Korean Institute of Electromagnetic Engieering and Science (JKIEES) 2009, pp.124-129
09MR3900, 이동통신 무선접속방식의 환경 적응형 자율제어 기술 연구, 김진업
Although the maximum sum-rate capacity of multiple-input multiple output(MIMO) broadcast channels(BCs) can be achieved by dirty-paper coding(DPC), the results were obtained without fairness considerations in uncorrelated MIMO channels. In this paper, we propose new multiuser scheduling algorithms, which find a best user set for approaching the maximum sum-rate capacity while maintaining fairness among users. We analyze the performance of the proposed algorithms using zero-forcing dirty paper coding(ZF-DPC) in the correlated MIMO BCs for throughput and delay fairness, respectively. Numerical results demonstrate that a large time window can reduce the average throughput difference between users, but it increases head-of-line(HOL) delay jitters in the case of delay fairness.
KSP 제안 키워드
Average Throughput, Dirty paper coding, MIMO broadcast channel, MIMO channel, Maximum sum-rate, Multiple input multiple output(MIMO), Numerical results, Scheduling algorithm, Time window, Zero forcing(ZF), multiuser scheduling