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학술대회 Locomotion Animation by Using Riding Motion
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장성준, 최병태
International Workshop on Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA) 2009 (LNCS 5773), v.5773, pp.488-489
This paper provides a method to make locomotion animation using riding motion, which is synthesized by computer simulation. Our locomotion system uses riding motion to avoid collision between objects instead of traditional obstacle avoidance. The two-dimensional locomotion using obstacle avoidance has a problem in that positions that the agent move is limited if the number of agents is large. In game or film, user or artist should throw up natural movement to locate agents in the specific area to avoid obstacle. The major strengths of the algorithm is fast calculation and natural locomotion motion, the weakness is that the algorithm is not applied to various creatures © 2009 Springer Berlin Heidelberg.
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Avoid Obstacle, Avoid collision, Computer simulation(MC and MD), Fast calculation, Locomotion system, Natural locomotion, Natural movement, Number of Agents, Obstacle Avoidance, Specific area, two-dimensional(2D)