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학술대회 Millimeter-Wave System-on-Package Complex Waveguide to Microstrip Line Transition Integrated with Antenna Array
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본다릭, 전동석, 김해천, 윤재훈
European Microwave Conference (EuMC) 2009, pp.1179-1182
A complex waveguide to microstrip line transition is proposed for system-on-package (SOP) on low temperature cofired ceramic (LTCC). Transition is designed to operate around 60 GHz and is used to feed the 16 elements microstrip antenna array. Transition includes waveguide to stripline transition, stripline to embedded microstrip line transition, and finally embedded microstrip line to microstrip line transition. Return loss characteristics for single transitions are presented. For the assembled complex transition 10-dB return loss bandwidth is from 52 GHz up to 75 GHz. System with antenna array and feed line has gain more then 17 dB. Analysis has been performed using full-wave simulation software. © 2009 EuMA.
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5 GHz, 60 GHz, Assembled complex, Feed line, Full-wave simulation, Loss characteristics, Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic(LTCC), Low temperature(LT), Microstrip Line, Microstrip antenna array, Return loss(RL)