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학술대회 Probabilistic 1-D Mobility Model for Multi-Radio Overlay Networks Simulation
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하정락, 최진규, 김진업, 김상하
International Symposium on Communications and Information Technology (ISCIT) 2009, pp.501-506
09MR3900, 이동통신 무선접속방식의 환경 적응형 자율제어 기술 연구, 김진업
Over the last few years we are deploying various kinds of radio access technologies (RATs). Different kinds of RATs are being deployed in overlay, providing different services in terms of their bandwidth, coverage, Quality of Service (QoS), price, etc. Under the multi-radio overlay network environment RAT selection becomes an important issue for efficient use of radio access networks. One of the most important parameters in RAT selection algorithms is user mobility. According to various user mobility pattern selected RAT may be different, even with the same other parameter sets including place and time. Wrong selection of RAT calls for ping pong or subsequent handover, which causes inefficient use of radio and network resources. In order to verify user mobility effects under multi-radio overlay environment a proper mobility model is crucial. Numbers of previous mobility models were considered but they lack probabilistic change of speed between zones which are of different mobility characteristics. In this paper we propose speed-changing probabilistic 1-D mobility model and show how the speed is changing from zone to zone comparing with previous works. ©2009 IEEE.
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Mobility characteristics, Mobility effects, Mobility models, Mobility pattern, Network resources, Ping-pong, RAT selection, Radio Access Network, Radio Access Technologies, User Mobility, multi-radio