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학술대회 An Efficient Multicast and Broadcast Service in IEEE 802.16e Wireless MANs
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김은경, 이남석
Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC) 2009 (Fall), pp.1-4
In IEEE 802.16e Wireless MANs providing multicast and broadcast service which an efficient method for concurrent transport of data common to a group of users. MBS-MAP message is proposed in order to alleviate MAP overhead for the multicast and broadcast service. However, it is not enough to resolve the MAP overhead problem. In this paper, we propose an efficient multicast and broadcast service in term of MAP overhead reduction. To achieve the purpose of MAP overhead reduction, a new indication of bitmap intended for one or multiple mobile stations is proposed. The indication indicates whether or not there is traffic addressed to one or multiple mobile stations. Our simulation results show that the proposed scheme provides better performance than that of legacy IEEE 802.16e Wireless MANs. © 2009 IEEE.
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IEEE 802.16e(Mobile wimax), Multicast broadcast service, overhead reduction, simulation results