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학술대회 Global Time Service in Wireless Sensor Networks
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황소영, 주성순
International Symposium on Communications and Information Technology (ISCIT) 2009, pp.382-383
09IC2100, QoS 및 확장성지원(S-MoRe) 센서네트워크 고도화 기술개발 (표준화연계), 채종석
Time information and time synchronization are fundamental building blocks in wireless sensor networks since many sensor network applications need time information for object tracking, consistent state updates, duplicate detection and temporal order delivery. Various time synchronization protocols have been proposed for sensor networks because of the characteristics of sensor networks which have limited computing power and resources. However, none of these protocols have been designed with time representation scheme in mind. Global time format such as UTC TOD (Universal Time Coordinated, Time Of Day) is very useful in sensor network applications. In this paper we propose time keeping and synchronization method for global time service in wireless sensor networks. We implemented and evaluated the proposed scheme in real test platform of MicaZ and TinyOS-2.0. ©2009 IEEE.
KSP 제안 키워드
Building block, Computing power, Consistent state, Network applications, Static wireless sensor networks(WSNs), Test platform, Time information, Time keeping, Time of day, Time representation, duplicate detection