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학술대회 Efficient Decision Rule for Spectrum Sensing Performance Improvement in Cognitive Radio
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이소영, 김은철, 박세호, 정회윤, 송명선, 김창주, 김진영
International Symposium on Communications and Information Technology (ISCIT) 2009, pp.97-101
09MR1100, 스펙트럼 사용효율 개선을 위한 Cognitive radio 기술 개발, 송명선
According to dramatic increase of wireless communication demand, more spectrum resources are needed to support considerable and various wireless services. However, limited spectrum resources are regulatory assigned to licensed user and no interference needs to occur from unlicensed user to licensed user. In this paper, we propose efficient decision rule in order to get better chance to detect the unused spectrum assigned licensed user and improve reliability of spectrum sensing performance. Each secondary user receives the signal from licensed user and input to and energy detector. Then, each sensing results are combined and used to make a decision whether primary user is presence or not. In order to make the reliable decision, we apply to efficient decision rule that is named the Majority rule in this paper. The simulation results show that sensing performance proposed decision rule is more reasonable and efficient than conventional decision rules. ©2009 IEEE.
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Decision rules, Licensed Users(LU), Majority rule, Secondary user(Su), Sensing Performance, Spectrum Sensing, cognitive radio(CR), energy detector, performance improvement, primary users(PUs), simulation results