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학술대회 USN Middleware Technology for Smart Monitoring and Controlling Systems
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김말희, 황재각, 표철식
International Symposium on Communications and Information Technology (ISCIT) 2009, pp.294-295
09IC1300, RFID/USN 미들웨어 플렛폼 기술개발, 황재각
With growing technical achievement in sensor device fields and wireless communication fields, smart monitoring services get more and more attractions in many service markets. Smart monitoring services monitor the interesting targets and/or control the situation according to their policies. Sensor network technology enables smart monitoring services to get necessary sensor data and/or to control appropriate actuators to react toward perceived situation. But the heterogeneity and expensive development and operation cost of the sensor networks are difficulties to overcome to propel sensor network related industry. USN middleware is the key solution for these difficulties. It aims at supporting various USN applications to use interesting sensors and actuators in a cost effective way. This paper describes concept and architecture of USN middleware and addresses future of USN middleware. ©2009 IEEE.
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AND operation, Controlling system, Middleware Technology, Monitoring and controlling, Monitoring service, Network technology, Sensor device, Sensor networks, Sensors and Actuators, Service market, Smart monitoring