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학술대회 Micro Membrane Filters for Passive Plasma Extraction from Whole Human Blood using Silicon Nitride-Based Microfilters and Plasma Collection using Agarose Gels
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이대식, 최요한, 정광효, S. Shoji, 정문연
EuroSensors 2009, pp.1511-1514
09IC1500, 유비쿼터스 건강관리용 모듈 시스템, 김승환
The novelty of this study resides in the fabrication of a passive, operating on capillary force, penetration-flow microfluidic device for plasma separation, based on both silicon nitride combination (SiN-SiO-SiN)-based microfilters and agarose gels, and its characterization for plasma separation from whole human blood. The fabrication processes are compatible with IC process protocols, with merits of mass productions and precise size control. The fabrication process for silicon nitride membrane was reported at Lab Chip [1], and quantification its applications to affinity-based protein separation on the silicon nitride was reported at MicroTAS'07 [2]. Our method differs from that of group Yobas [3] in the specific separation method and materials, and of group Pizziconi [4] in the geometry of the filter, and fluidic components with the structure. © 2009.
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Affinity-based, Agarose gel, Human blood, Micro membrane, Microfluidic device, Plasma extraction, Protein separation, Separation method, capillary force, fabrication process, lab chip