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학술지 Actual Remote Control: A Universal Remote Control using Hand Motions on a Virtual Menu
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이동우, 임정묵, 선우존, 조일연, 이철훈
IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, v.55 no.3, pp.1439-1446
09MC2200, u-컴퓨팅 공간 협업을 위한 Wearable Personal Companion 기술개발, 조일연
Consumer electronic devices are becoming more complex and diverse. In order to provide users with an easy and convenient way of controlling various consumer electronics, it is necessary to use a universal way to control various devices. This requires using a user-friendly and intuitive interface. We introduce a wristwatch-type of remote that offers a unified way to control various devices. Total of seven gestures that are based on hand motions are defined. These seven gestures are suitable to the wearable wristwatch-type device. For a variety of systems, these gestures can be used in the same way. Gestures are not designed and analyzed in a discrete manner; instead, they are designed in continuous hand motions and analyzed in gesture commands. Also, a method of modeling a virtual menu from the menu on a consumer electronic device is introduced. With the virtual menu, the user is able to control various devices by using gestures. The virtual menu has to reflect hand motion characteristics and represents functions of electronic appliances. The virtual menu is implemented in XML to represent the basic menu construction and its properties. In order to use virtual menu, we introduce how a user's hand motions can be used in a fast and effective way. Finally we compare our wearable remote control to the conventional remote control through user tests in terms of user convenience and efficiency. © 2009 IEEE.
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Intuitive interfaces, Motion characteristics, User tests, User-friendly, consumer electronics, electronic devices, hand motion, remote control, user's hand