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학술지 Evaluation of the Waterproof Ability of a Hydrophobic Nickel Micromesh with Array-Type Microholes
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이상민, 오동준, 정임덕, 정필구, 정광효, 장원익, 고종수
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, v.19 no.12, pp.1-8
Institute of Physics (IOP)
09MC1700, 차세대 IT기반 기술사업화 기반조성, 장원익
Hydrophobic nickel micromeshes with array-type circular holes were designed and fabricated, and their waterproof abilities with respect to the hole diameter were theoretically and experimentally evaluated. The hole diameter increased from 20 μm to 100 μm in steps of 10 μm, while the hole pitch was fixed at 200 μm. Photolithography and nickel electroforming processes were used to fabricate 10 μm thick nickel micromeshes. In order to enhance the waterproof ability of nickel micromeshes, a plasma-polymerized fluorocarbon (PPFC) layer was coated on the nickel micromeshes. The contact angle of the micromesh increased from 63?뿦 for the non-coated nickel flat film to 106?뿦 for the PPFC-coated film. The maximum allowable hydraulic pressure decreased as the hole size increased and was inversely proportional to the hole diameter. The micromesh with a hole diameter of 20 μm showed the highest waterproof performance, with a water height of 111 cm in the experiment. The measured maximum allowable hydraulic pressures were about 31% lower than the calculated pressures on average.
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Array-type, Contact angle(CA), Flat film, Hole diameter, Hole size, Hydraulic pressure, Nickel eLectroforming, Plasma-polymerized fluorocarbon, circular holes, coated film