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학술대회 Efficient Service Recommendation System for Cloud Computing Market
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한승민, Mohammad Mehedi Hassan, 윤장우, 허의남
International Conference on Interaction Sciences: Information Technology, Culture and Human (ICIS) 2009, pp.839-845
09MR5700, IPTV 융합서비스 및 콘텐츠 공유를 위한 개방형 IPTV 플랫폼 기술개발, 류원
In recent years, Cloud computing is gaining much popularity as it can efficiently utilize the computing resources and hence can contribute to the issue of Green IT to save energy. So to make the Cloud services commercialized, Cloud markets are necessary and are being developed. As the increasing numbers of various Cloud services are rapidly evolving in the Cloud market, how to select the best and optimal services will be a great challenge. In this paper we present a Cloud service selection framework in the Cloud market that uses a recommender system (RS) which helps a user to select the best services from different Cloud providers (CP) that matches user requirements. The RS recommends a service based on the network QoS and Virtual Machine(VM) platform factors of difference CPs. The experimental results show that our Cloud service recommender system (CSRS) can effectively recommend a good combination of Cloud services to consumers. Copyright © 2009 ACM.
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Cloud Computing, Cloud market, Cloud providers, Cloud service selection, Computing resources, Network Qos, Optimal Services, Recommender System, Save energy, Service Recommendation System, User Requirements