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학술대회 Pseudo Harmonic Staggered Broadcasting Method for Efficient Video on Demand Service
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이주한, 강희준, 박승권, 김태균
International Conference on Network Infrastructure and Digital Content (IC-NIDC) 2009, pp.316-321
09MR4500, HFC 망에서의 IP기반 초고속 멀티미디어 전송기술 개발, 이수인
Advances in broadcasting technology are generating an increasing demand for Video on Demand (VoD) applications. In a video broadcasting methods, one of the major challenges is how to reduce a viewer's waiting time and client's buffer requirement in a given bandwidth allocation. In order to solve these problems, many significant broadcasting methods had been proposed. In this paper, we propose a Pseudo Harmonic Staggered Broadcasting (PHSB) method which has simple structure and channel efficiency in a given bandwidth. The numerical results demonstrate that viewer's waiting time of the PHSB method converge to that of harmonic method as the bandwidth is increased and the client buffer requirements of this can be decreased below that of the staircase method by adjusting a short front part of a video size. ©2009 IEEE.
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Numerical results, Video broadcasting, Video on Demand Service, Waiting Time, bandwidth allocation, channel efficiency, simple structure