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Conference Paper Automatic Number Plate Detection for Korean Vehicles
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Yoon Ho Sub, 이홍창, Lee Jae Yeon
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International Conference on Interaction Sciences: Information Technology, Culture and Human (ICIS) 2009, pp.1191-1195
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09IC1800, Development of HRI Solutions and Core Chipsets for u-Robot, Hwang Dae Hwan
We consider the task of detection of Korean vehicle number plates(also named license plates or registration plates in other countries). A system for number plate detection must cope with wide variations in the appearance of the plates. Few yeas ago, Korea government permits the new types of license plates with wide width as same as foreign country. It occurred that the new license plates detection algorithm was needed. We have developed a system that makes precise decision rules for detecting plate area using priori-knowledge about various plate types. According to the lighting condition, seed processing as adaptive Sobel edge is very important. In some cases, plate candidate areas are not selected. And then, we retry to Sobel edge detection with strong threshold value. Final detection results have shown that proposed detection algorithm is very useful. Copyright © 2009 ACM.
KSP Keywords
Decision rules, Detection algorithm, Lighting conditions, Number plate detection, Sobel edge detection, Strong threshold, Threshold Value, license plate, seed processing