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학술지 Catalytic Behavior of Sn/Bi Metal Powder in Anhydride-Based Epoxy Curing
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장건수, 엄용성, 문종태, 오용수, 남재두
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, v.9 no.12, pp.7461-7466
American Scientific Publishers (ASP)
09MB4300, 도전 및 접합 기능을 갖는 하이브리드형 언더필 소재 개발, 엄용성
In this paper, we report the catalytic activity of the Sn/Bi alloy beads and its acceleration of the exothermic epoxy curing reactions in various thermal conditions and bead compositions. As being used as low-melting solder balls in electronic interconnection processes with various epoxy systems, it was found that the Sn/Bi beads substantially lowered the exothermic peak temperature of the diglycidyl ether of bisphenol A (DGEBA)/anhydride systems in up to ca. 140 °C depending on different types of anhydride curing agents. The catalytic activation of Sn/Bi powder was initiated with a small amount of Sn/Bi powder, for example, lowering ca. 50 °C of the exothermic peak temperature by adding only 0.1 vol% of Sn/Bi powder. The catalytic capability of the powder was increased by using smaller sized beads corresponding to larger catalytic surface area at the same volume fraction. Exhibiting a latent catalytic effect, the catalytic activity of Sn/Bi powder was remained latent at temperatures lower than 100 °C in isothermal conditions. © 2009 American Scientific Publishers. All rights reserved.
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Catalytic activation, Catalytic behavior, Catalytic capability, Curing reactions, Epoxy curing, Low melting, Peak temperature, Solder ball, Surface Area, Volume fraction, catalytic activity