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학술대회 A Policy-driven RFID Event Management Framework
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안형진, 송지혜, 김광훈, 박주상, 황재각
International Conference on Ubiquitous Information Technologies and Applications (ICUT) 2009, pp.1-6
09IC1300, RFID/USN 미들웨어 플렛폼 기술개발, 황재각
The primary goal of RFID middleware as a tool of item management is to provide a series of filtered tag data to the RFID-based applications. The middleware also provides a means of specifying event-constraints in order to filter a huge number of raw data cought from the associated RF readers. In terms of specifying the RFID event-constraints for the applications' events refinement, the current specifications are too circumstantial to be understood by application developers who are lacking in professional and technological backgrounds on RFID middleware. The application developers have got to be acquired the RFID's event services such as ALE, ONS and EPCIS as well as other detailed RFID-relevant technologies. To alleviate these difficulties, this paper1 proposes a RFID event management framework supporting an XML-based RFID event management policy definition language and its exchanging protocol. Through the proposed framework, it is expected for the developers to be able to easily specify their event-constraints by furnishing with a high-level abstraction. © 2009 IEEE.
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Event Management, Management framework, Management policy, Policy-driven, RFID middleware, application developers, raw data, rfid-based applications