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학술대회 Efficient Multi-pass Welding Training with Haptic Guide
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김용완, 양웅연, 조동식, 이건, 최진성, 박진아
ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2009, pp.1-1
Recent progress in computer graphics and interaction technologies has brought virtual training in many applications. Virtual training is very effective at dangerous or costly works. A represetative example is a welding training in automobile, shipbuilding, and construction equipment. Welding is define as a joining process that produces coalescence of metallic materials by heating them. Key factors for effective welding training are realistic welding modeling and trainig method with respect to users' torch motions. Several weld training systems, such as CS WAVE, ARC+ of 123Certification, and SimWelder of VRSim, support either only single-pass or inaccurate multi-pass simulation, since multi-pass welding process requires complicate complexity or enormous bead DB sets. In addition, these welding simulators utilize only some graphical metaphors to teach welding motions. However, welding training using graphical metaphors is still insufficient for training precise welding motions, because users can not fully perceive graphical guide information in 3D space under even stereoscopic environment.
KSP 제안 키워드
3D space, Computer graphics, Joining process, Key factor, Metallic materials, Recent progress, Single-pass, Training system, Virtual Training, Welding process, Welding training