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학술지 Dynamic Spectrum Access to Combined Resource of Commercial and Public Safety Bands based on WCDMA Shared Network
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전형석, 임수영, 김유민, 김승희, 김진업, 이혁재
IEICE Transactions on Communications, v.E92-B no.12, pp.3581-3585
일본, 전자정보통신학회 (IEICE)
The public safety spectrum is generally under-utilized due to the unique traffic characteristics of bursty and mission critical. This letter considers the application of dynamic spectrum access (DSA) to the combined spectrum of public safety (PS) and commercial (CMR) users in a common shared network that can provide both PS and CMR services. Our scenario includes the 700MHz Public/Private Partnership which was recently issued by the Federal Communications Commission. We first propose an efficient DSA mechanism to coordinate the combined spectrum, and then establish a call admission control that reflects the proposed DSA in a wideband code division multiple access based network. The essentials of our proposed DSA are opportunistic access to the public safety spectrum and priority access to the commercial spectrum. Simulation results show that these schemes are well harmonized in various network environments. Copyright © 2009 The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers.
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Admission control(AC), Call Admission Control, Code division Multiple Access(CDMA), Dynamic Spectrum Access, Federal Communications Commission(FCC), Information and communication, Mission-critical, Opportunistic access, Public safety, Shared network, Traffic characteristics