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학술지 Design of AT-DMB Baseband Receiver SoC
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이주현, 김혁, 김진규, 구본태, 엄낙웅, 이혁재
ETRI Journal, v.31 no.6, pp.795-802
한국전자통신연구원 (ETRI)
09MR3400, 지상파 DMB 전송 고도화 기술개발, 임종수
This paper presents the design of an advanced terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting (AT-DMB) baseband receiver SoC. The AT-DMB baseband is incorporated into a hierarchical modulation scheme consisting of high priority (HP) and low priority (LP) stream decoders. The advantages of the hierarchical modulation scheme are backward compatibility and an enhanced data rate. The structure of the HP stream is the same as that of the conventional T-DMB system; therefore, a conventional T-DMB service is possible by decoding multimedia data in an HP stream. An enhanced data rate can be achieved by using both HP and LP streams. In this paper, we also discuss a time deinterleaver that can deinterleave data for a time duration of 384 ms or 768 ms. The interleaving time duration is chosen using the LP symbol mapping scheme. Furthermore, instead of a Viterbi decoder, a turbo decoder is adopted as an inner error correction system to mitigate the performance degradation due to a smaller symbol distance in a hierarchically modulated LP symbol. The AT-DMB baseband receiver SoC is fabricated using 0.13 μm technology and shows successful operation with a 50 mW power dissipation. Copyright © 2009 ETRI.
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Backward compatibility, Baseband receiver, Correction system, Digital multimedia broadcasting, Enhanced data rate, Error Correction, Hierarchical modulation, Modulation scheme, Multimedia data, Symbol mapping, Time duration