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학술대회 Integrated Multi Mobile Object Scheme for Ubiquitous Sensor Network
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김성원, 송은하, 박동환, 박현, 박상준, 정영식
International Symposium on Computer Science and its Applications (CSA) 2009, pp.1-6
09MC5600, 대규모 다중 센서 기반 지능형 무인 감시를 위한 적응적 융합처리 기술, 박현
By Configuration of the sensor node that utilizes the wireless service in constructing the network and collecting the data, the USN has been researched on the technology to be utilized as the various services such as disaster alarm, healthcare and military defense. Since the low power plan for extending the lifetime of the battery is considered to be important for the USN, the various USN simulators that design and verify the efficient packets were developed. In this paper, to overcome the limitations of the existing simulators that is limited to the packet, protocol and network model verification, to propose the CROWD that includes the mobile objects. While the existing simulators had operated in the form of being dependent on the event of voluntary generating within the terminal node, the CROWD alters the positioning coordinates for the mobile objects to react to the sensor node and provide the similar environment with the actual USN. Furthermore, CROWD verifies the sensor detection rate by the deployment and the energy efficiency and sensor positioning method according to the measured lifetime of the overall sensor node and the packet transfer route. © 2009 IEEE.
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Energy Efficiency, Low-Power, Model Verification, Network model, Positioning method, Power plan, Sensor node, detection rate(DR), mobile objects, packet transfer, ubiquitous sensor network