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학술대회 The Design of Signature Selection for Protecting Illegal Outflow of Sensitive Information in Mobile Device
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정보흥, 한민호, 김기영
Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS) 2009, pp.51-56
09MS3800, 복합단말용 침해방지 기술개발, 김기영
Illegal outflow of important data in a mobile device is a sensitive and main issue in mobile security. Within restricted resources such as small memory size and low battery capacity, simple and efficient method is needed to lessen much effort for preventing this illegal activity. In this paper, we discuss a protection technique taking into account these considerations. Some data is extracted from important file, it is used to prevent illegal file transfer and modification. To avoid attacker's easy prediction the location of the selection of this data, it is selected within whole extent of the file by equal distribution. To avoid huge increase of selected data than that of specific location selection, through analysis of the length and number of files, the number of selection is restricted at minimum size. To decrease computational overhead to calculate the number and location of the data to be selected, it will be done that pre-computation for this information in advance. With the help of this technique, it has advantages that illegal outflow in a mobile device can be protected and prohibited effectively and a mobile device can be managed securely within low overhead. © 2009 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.
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Battery capacity, Equal distribution, File Transfer, Location selection, Memory size, Minimum size, Mobile devices, Sensitive information, illegal activity, low overhead, mobile security