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학술대회 Measurements of Path Loss in MM-Wave for Indoor Environments
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정명원, 김종호, 윤영근
Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC) 2009, pp.1068-1071
09MR4300, 스펙트럼 공학 및 밀리미터파대 전파자원 이용기술개발, 김창주
In the indoor environment, millimeter wave channel will be probably limited in the indoor environment due to severe attenuations by furniture, partitions, walls, and floors for non line of sight (NLOS). Therefore, in order to analysis a radio system at millimeter wave bands we need to measure path loss characteristics of a millimeter wave indoor channel, the influence of geometry on this phenomenon. In this paper, the path loss model using the statistical method based on the measurement was proposed. This model consists of three parts, free space path loss, attenuation factor and excess loss. To estimate the propagation characteristics has been measured path loss in the indoor environments using omni and horn antenna for line of sight (LOS) and non line of sight (NLOS). From the measurements results, we are proposed attenuation factor and standard deviation. Also, we compare the proposed attenuation factor with other reference model and analyze the delay characteristics for MM -wave ©2009 IEEE.
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Delay characteristics, Indoor Environment, Line-Of-Sight(LOS), Millimeter-wave band, Non Line-of-sight(NLOS), Path loss characteristics, Propagation characteristics, Reference Model, Standard deviation(STD), Statistical methods, attenuation factor