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Journal Article Fast-path I/O Architecture for High Performance Streaming Server
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Lee Yong-Ju, Park Yoo Hyun, Sok Song-Woo, Kim Hag Young, 이철훈
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Journal of Supercomputing, v.50 no.2, pp.99-120
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08MS1300, A Development of Cost Effective and Large Scale Global Internet Service Solution, Han Namgoong
In a disk-network scenario where expensive data transfers are the norm, such as in multimedia streaming applications, for example, a fast-path I/O architecture is generally considered to be "good practice." Here, I/O performance can be improved through minimizing the number of in-memory data movements and context switches. In this paper, we report the results of the design and implementation of a high-performance streaming server using cheap hardware units assembled directly on a test card (i.e., NS card). The hardware part of our architecture is open to further reuse, extension, and integration with other applications even in the case of inexpensive and/or faster hardware. From the viewpoint of software-aided I/O, we offer Stream Disk Array (SDA) for scatter/gather-style block I/O, EXT3NS multimedia file system for large-scale file I/O, and interoperable streaming server for stream I/O. © 2008 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.
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Block I/O, Data transfer, Disk array, File I/O, File System, High performance, I/O architecture, I/O performance, Multimedia streaming, Network scenarios, Streaming applications