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학술대회 Photosensitive Biosensor Array Chips not having the Addressing Circuit
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안창근, 아칠성, 김태엽, 박찬우, 양종헌, 김안순, 성건용
Nanotechnology: Bio Sensors, Instruments, Medical, Environment and Energy (NSTI) 2010, pp.1-2
This paper presents photosensitive biosensor array chips with the simple photodiode array having the optical input signal and the electrical output signal, which detects the photocurrent change caused by a reaction between probe molecules and target molecules. Using the properties having the optical input, the addressing circuit on the array chips is removed for the low cost application and the real cell addressing is achieved by the LED array module outside of the chips. After PSA antigen capturing in the serum, the anti-PSA conjugated Au nanoparticles is immobilized and subsequently grown by Ag staining process to enhance the sensitivity of the biosensor. The photocurrent of the biosensor tested on the PC-controllable 5X5 LED array module monotonically decreases with increasing the PSA concentration, showing roughly 1 ng/mL resolution in the PSA detection.
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Au nanoparticles(Au-NPs), Biosensor array, Electrical output, Input signal, LED array, Low cost application, PSA detection, Photodiode array, Photosensitive biosensor, probe molecules