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학술지 모바일 로봇을 위한 저해상도 영상에서의 원거리 얼굴 검출
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김도형, 윤우한, 조영조, 이재연
로봇학회논문지, v.4 no.4, pp.257-264
09IC1800, u-로봇 HRI 솔루션 및 핵심 소자 기술 개발, 황대환
This paper proposes a novel face detection method that finds tiny faces located at a long range even with low-resolution input images captured by a mobile robot. The proposed approach can locate extremely small-sized face regions of 12x12 pixels. We solve a tiny face detection problem by organizing a system that consists of multiple detectors including a mean-shift color tracker, short- and long-rage face detectors, and an omega shape detector. The proposed method adopts the long-range face detector that is well trained enough to detect tiny faces at a long range, and limiting its operation to only within a search region that is automatically determined by the mean-shift color tracker and the omega shape detector. By focusing on limiting the face search region as much as possible, the proposed method can accurately detect tiny faces at a long distance even with a low-resolution image, and decrease false positives sharply. According to the experimental results on realistic databases, the performance of the proposed approach is at a sufficiently practical level for various robot applications such as face recognition of non-cooperative users, human-following, and gesture recognition for long-range interaction.
KSP 제안 키워드
Detection Method, Face detection, False positive, Gesture recognition, Long-distance, Long-range interaction, Low-resolution images, Mean-shift(MS), Mobile robots, Non-cooperative, Omega shape